Rustic Saturday.

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday my buddy Rich and I met up at Tannen’s to session, and to my surprise, a bunch more magicians showed up. We hung out there for about two hours and then headed to the pizza shop around the corner, Rustico. Apparently magicians gather there every Saturday and hang out in the dining area. It was great. I met Wesley James, arguably one of the most knowledgable card men on Erdnase and learned a lot from talking to him for only about an hour. I’ll definitely be stopping in there far more often—really cool to talk with some guys who have been performing since before I was born.

I also picked up Smoke from Tannen’s, very cool utility item that I’m excited to start using for performances. Last but not least, I finally caved in and bought Aaron Fisher’s, The Paper Engine. I’ve heard mixed reviews from it, but I really want to advance my cardician utility belt, and Aaron’s book seems like a great resource. Right now I’m really working to learn the Diagonal Palm Shift, Tommy Wonder’s Wonderverse, and making my classic pass better. My reverse turnover is pretty burnable, but I think improving my classic pass will help my overall card magic a lot.


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