Tomes of Card Magic.

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I’ve discussed briefly before, I’ve been slowly building a foundational library on card magic after being a DVD kinda guy growing up. Recently—and I mean very recently—I’ve been acquiring several card magic books. Right now I’m reading through Card College, Inner Card Trilogy, and The Card Magic of Paul LePaul. I also just ordered The Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder, which I got for a steal at $80.

I’ve gone through Card College Volume 1, and waiting on volumes 2 + 3 to arrive in the mail. Even having just read volume 1 so far, I have to say it’s helped elevate my foundational knowledge. There’s some fantastic nuances and subtleties that Giobbi includes on sleights, and he’s really culled some great, simple effects.I’m excited to read and practice through the other volumes.

Inner Card Trilogy, simply put, is life altering. I had been looking to add this to my library, but I wanted to wait until I was ready for it. From the first effect, this book, or rather collection of books is amazing. From self-working to knuckle-busting, The Professor delivers plots and sleights that are as relevant today as they were decades ago. Even his crimping ideas have really changed the way I’ve thought about card location. It will definitely take me quite a while to work through the material and truly grasp it.


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