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August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let me start this off by saying if you don’t know who Max Krause is, you absolutely need to look him up. I met Max over at The Magic Session and we got to talking about foundational reading, which I’m delving into head first. I’ve spent most of my years performing magic learning from overpriced DVD’s and instant downloads, and missed the classics of magic. After a bit of talking I bought Max’s effect, ‘Mental Killer’, and holy shit—it kills. Don’t think, just buy it if you are remotely interested in mentalism.

Max then called me on my cellphone to go over best practices and how to perform the effect. We then talked more about magic and performance style and he really got me thinking when he said:

“Magic shouldn’t look like you did anything.” 

Damn. Honestly, this is a big insight for me. I had never heard thought about performing close-up card magic in that vein. We also talked about deconstructing effects and making them yours with simple principles. It got me very excited about using the knowledge from these foundational books and creating new, personal effects and handlings.

If you want to know more about Max, head over to his site and definitely check out his guest appearance on my friend Suess’ podcast, Magic on the Side. (Which is a fantastic program)


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