Loosey Goosey.

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

My new goal has been to become looser with my card magic. A looser grip, a chiller performance—just loosey goosey.

Take for instance the Domico Double from Arthur Buckley’s Card Control, credited to Carmen Domico. The move is a beautiful ‘one-handed’ double lift. My quotations are there because, well, it’s not completely one-handed—whatever, it’s awesome nonetheless. Last night I was practicing it, and as soon as I started being looser with the cards it just looked better. It looked natural, as if that was the only way a person should turn over a card. That was an epiphany moment. I’ve always kept a pretty strong grip on my cards, I guess it’s to protect against the thousands of dropped decks of my youth.

I also had the fortune of finding out an amazing card magician works at the agency I’m at—Tony Chang. I met him yesterday and his smoothness and looseness in his card magic approach floored me. It’s definitely something to strive towards.

It’s time to loosen up.


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