Loosey Goosey.

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

My new goal has been to become looser with my card magic. A looser grip, a chiller performance—just loosey goosey.

Take for instance the Domico Double from Arthur Buckley’s Card Control, credited to Carmen Domico. The move is a beautiful ‘one-handed’ double lift. My quotations are there because, well, it’s not completely one-handed—whatever, it’s awesome nonetheless. Last night I was practicing it, and as soon as I started being looser with the cards it just looked better. It looked natural, as if that was the only way a person should turn over a card. That was an epiphany moment. I’ve always kept a pretty strong grip on my cards, I guess it’s to protect against the thousands of dropped decks of my youth.

I also had the fortune of finding out an amazing card magician works at the agency I’m at—Tony Chang. I met him yesterday and his smoothness and looseness in his card magic approach floored me. It’s definitely something to strive towards.

It’s time to loosen up.


Hi, and welcome to the ascent.

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

My name is Alex and I’ve been performing magic since I was thirteen. Now I’m 22, and despite having a full-time job, I’m trying to find more and more time for magic. This blog, Sleight Ascent, will be my attempt at recording my progress—part journal, part feedback mechanism for other magicians to comment on.

I started with the Royal Road to Card Magic back in middle school and now I’m finally cracking the classics, one slight at a time. Expert Card Technique, Card Control, Card College, and of course the legendary classic—The Expert at the Card Table.

I figure it’ll be good to have a record of how bad I sucked right now and how much better I can get in a short time. If you’re reading this, bravo. And welcome to a cavalcade of card triumphs and tribulations. (By the way the triumph pun was not intended)

Let’s get crack-a-lackin’.

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