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Day 365—The Voodoo Card

January 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yes—today is a day of days. However, there is one last goodbye video to the project which I’ll release on 1/16/13, my birthday. Until then enjoy this last video of Guy Hollingworth’s fantastic effect, The Voodoo Card, based off of a Jim Steranko concept.

Day 364—Happy Birthday, Mom

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A short and sweet rose production for my mom’s birthday.

Day 363—Invisible Printing Technology

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It’s another Doug Conn day, this time with his fantastic effect, Blank Jack.

Day 362—Chameleon Sandwich

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This is Mr. Doug Conn’s fantastic sandwich effect, Chameleon Sandwich. I just started going through Doug’s new DVD and the material is phenomenal. I’m very excited to cull through this long after my project is over.

Day 361—Coffee Coins

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This is Rick Lax’s fantastic effect, Filter, using a coffee cup.

Day 360—Gimme A Hand

January 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is a fantastic effect by Jon Armstrong. Not sure the name on it, but it’s very similar to Denis Behr’s effect, Herbert in a few ways.